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Toledo Bend Lake Water Sales – Round 1
Sales to Toledo Bend Partners

THIS SECTION deals with the time period from December 20, 2011 – January 12, 2012. This is the time when the Sabine River Authority – State of Louisiana was taking comments and making a final decision on a recommendation to sell water from Toledo Bend Reservoir to Toledo Bend Partners. This was just Round 1. This issue is far from over.

Round 1

Background: Texas Wants Water 
Historic and ongoing efforts for Texas to obtain water

Home: Current Info 
This is what is going on subsequent to ‘Round 1’ with the Toledo Bend Partners Agreement

More on Water Sales
This information is follow up to the end of the proposed Water Sales Agreement

Suspension of Toledo Bend water sale negotiations huge victory for state – American Press – Lake Charles – 1/17/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

SRA bends to public’s wishes – American Press – 1/19/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Suspension of Toledo Bend water sale negotiations huge victory for state – American Press – Lake Charles – 1/17/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Frustrated SRA board chairman resigns – Shreveport Times – 1/15/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

SRA puts brakes on Toledo Bend water sales – American Press – Lake Charles – 1/13/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

KPLC-TV 7 News Video – 1/13/2012

Red McCombs Tries His Hand at Water Marketing (and Fails) – The Texas Observer – Austin, TX – 1/12/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

TBCAC Review of Meeting: Cypress Bend 1/12/2012

Texas water sales plugged – Shreveport Times – 1/12/12 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

SRA-LA Meeting Review – Toledo Bend Bi-State Alliance News – 1/12/2012 – submitted by Janna Lehman

SRA-LA Board Meeting 1/12/2012 – Agenda (PDF) (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

South Toledo Bend Water District President’s Position on Water Sales to Texas – 1/10/2012

Opposition grows to Toledo Bend water deal – AP / The Statesman – Austin, TX 1/9/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

SRA commissioners would do well to heed governor, consider impact – American Press Editorials – Lake Charles – 1/7/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Opposition mounts against proposed Texas water sales – Shreveport Times – 1/6/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Water Sales to Texas – KTBS – Shreveport – 1/6/2012

VIDEO CLIP: Robert Conyer (SRA-LA) addressing Caddo Commission 1/5/2012 (NOTE: CONYER BEGINS AT 11:00 MINUTES INTO THE VIDEO, SO SKIP TO THAT POINT – about 1 hour)– “Watch and form your own conclusions!” -Dianne Lampman

Public should weigh in on proposed sale of Toledo Bend water – The Town Talk – Alexandria, LA 1/4/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Sen. Long pens letter regarding water sales – Sabine Index – Many, LA 1/4/2011 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Urgent Matter from Calcasieu SWCD (link submitted by Dianne Lampman)

State reviewing contract that would sell Louisiana drinking water to Texas – AP – 1/3/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Jindal’s chief of staff: SRA water sales plan cause for concern – American Press – Lake Charles – 1/3/2012 (- link submitted by Maggie Doughtery)

Everyone needs to contact Senator Ronnie Johns who is replacing Senator Willie Mount and “Thank” him for rescinding his letter of support on the issue (337) 491-2016. He has not been sworn in yet but represents Dist. 27 Calcasie-Dianne Lampman

Vote on sale of water looms – Toledo Bend plan draws criticism – The Advocate – Baton Rouge – 1/3/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

Concerns raised over Toledo Bend water sales to Texas / State Senator elect Ronnie Johns rescinds support – KPLC TV Lake Charles 1/3/2012 (submitted by Dianne Lampman)

TBCAC Letter – 1/3/2012 (PDF)

Analysis of Drought Contingency Plans on Historic Lake Levels (PDF) (provided by John Toliver)

Points to Consider – Water Sale Agreement (PDF) (provided by John Toliver)

NOTICE of Public Meeting Thursday January 12, 2012

Water Sales Meeting (excerpt from Here’s to hoping for a wetter 2012 – American Press – Joe Joslin 12/29/2012 (provided by Joe Joslin)

Toledo Bend water deal warrants input – Shreveport Times 12/28/2011(provided by Dianne Lampman)

Toledo water sales under discussion at TBCAC – The Sabine Index 12/23/2011

Outdoors: Water sales contract still hot topic – American Press – Joe Joslin 12/22/2011 (provided by Dianne Lampman)

Citizens get involved in Texas water sales decision – Shreveport Times 12/20/2011 (provided by Dianne Lampman)

Announcement of Community Meeting 12/20/2011 -John Toliver

TBCAC to lead effort on the Water Sales Contract 12/20/2011 -Dianne Lampman

List of Original Principals (PDF) (from Dianne Lampman)

SRA Analysis (PDF)

SRA Power Point Presentation – Out of State Water Sales 2011 – Water Sales Committee – 11/30/2011

Water Sale Contract – no longer available online

Water Sale Comments Form – no longer available online

COMMENT FORM – E-Z Version (PDF): Since the SRA form is provided only as images, Toledo-Bend.Com has recreated a facsimile in PDF version that may be downloaded and printed and will be easier to copy and submit.

SRA Louisiana Contact Information

EMail Comments: [email protected]