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Water level on 09/18 at 05:00 AM CST
165.10 ft 6.90
Water level for the last 30 days

Weather Forecast

TodaySep 18, 2019
Toledo Bend

Friends of Toledo Bend:

Toledo Bend Citizens’ Advisory Group IS GOING TO LEAD THE EFFORT ON THE WATER SALES CONTRACT THAT IS PENDING APPROVAL BETWEEN SRA LA AND TB PARTNERS TO SELL 600,000 ACRE FT. PER YEAR FROM TOLEDO BEND. It would still have to go to Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal for approval of the sale of water to Texas from Toledo Bend. Had SRA LA had this contract signed and it had been selling water from Toledo Bend the lake would be about 3.5 ft lower than it is today at 160.19 msl.

Toledo Bend Citizens’ Advisory Group has CALLED A MEETING OF INTERESTED PARTIES FOR 6:30 PM, Tuesday, December 20, in the building area that is connected to and directly behind Toledo Town Tackle/Exxon (see message below). Please forward this e-mail on to all your friends who own property on the lake that might be interested in attending and all your avid fishermen and fisherwomen friends. MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND PLEASE COME SUPPORT THEIR EFFORT ON THE PEOPLES BEHALF.


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