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TodayAug 26, 2019
Toledo Bend

Alert – Notice of Community Meeting re water sale agreement

A community meeting to discuss the proposed water sale agreement between the SRA of Louisiana and Toledo Bend Partners, LP is being held at 6:30 PM, this coming Tuesday, December 20, in the building area that is connected to and directly behind Toledo Town Tackle/Exxon.

For those who are not familiar with Toledo Town Tackle/Exxon, they are located in Sabine Parish, just west of the intersection of Highways 191 and 6. All interested parties are encouraged to attend.” Information that will be distributed at the meeting includes the following:

  • Exhibit 5 of the proposed contract, “Drought Contingency Plan.”
  • SRA’s “Analysis of Proposed Water Sale Agreement Between Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana and Toledo Bend Partners, LP.”
  • SRA’s “STRATEGIC PLAN FY 2008-2009 Through FY 2012-2013.”

We know this is a very short notice, but believe it is important for members to be well-informed. You can access the Water Sale Contract and Contract Comment form on the SRA-LA website

Please inform all of your friends and neighbors.


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