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TodayAug 10, 2020
Toledo Bend

Position of Dianne Lampman

President Board South Toledo Bend Water District – Sabine Parish, Toledo Bend, LA:


  • The contract with the energy companies does not renew until 2015 no one has notified them that Toledo Bend will go to a water sales lake.
  • I believe we need a moratorium on all water sales out of Louisiana or any basin until experts can put together a long-range (at least 100 years), comprehensive statewide water plan, should be stopped by Sabine River Authority of Louisiana.
  • That real experts and unbiased consultants (someone besides the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal and politicians) should work on and oversee a water plan for the great State of Louisiana and its people.
  • The Governor needs to relay on a competent report made by independent water experts’ reports’ related to any out-of-State water sales) and it should be sent to the full Legislature for approval. Governor Jindal should not stand in the way of a moratorium or a long-term, comprehensive statewide water plan and insist the Sabine River Authority Louisiana have an independent water expert’s report for study by him, before he makes such an important final decision.
  • It is essential that there must be a new procedure established to determining what water (if any) can be sold from Louisiana’s surface waters within the state (a procedure that will take into account and set aside enough water to protect other beneficial uses (industrial needs in Lake Charles along the Sabine River Diversion Canal, Haynesville Shale operators, water supply for the people, fish and wildlife, irrigation, forestry, aquifers and eusteries wetlands that provide food and habitat for a large number of organisms and fish and provide protection from salt water intrusions, etc.) in the Sabine River watershed (Toledo Bend). The State must implement a procedure that puts Louisiana’s statewide water needs first before any out-of-state sales.
  •   The East Texas/Dallas area water users far exceed national averages per capita water use. The Sabine River Authority of Louisiana and Governor Jindal shouldn’t do anything to harm the Sabine watershed or any of Louisiana Rivers and streams in order to support Texas’ wasteful water needs to fill up someone’s Dallas swimming pool.
  • The people of the State of Louisiana must have an opportunity to be heard on these issues – there should never be any more secret de als between the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana and Toledo Bend Partners, as one of the main investors in the deal is Aubrey Temple the former Chairman of the Sabine River Authority of Louisiana.
  • The people’s future water needs ninety-nine (99) years into the future, should never be made by an appointed Board of any Governor of the State of Louisiana. A Board who serve at the Governor’s pleasure and one that has not been voted on to that Board by its people.

It would be a tragedy if the people of Toledo Bend and Louisiana do not have water because of the signing of this ninety-nine (99) year contact, while the wasteful uses in Dallas would have the use of this lifesaving water that should belong to the people of Louisiana for their future needs and uses. Let’s put first things first!!

Dianne Lampman, President Board South Toledo Bend Water District