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TodayDec 31, 1969
Toledo Bend

This is a roadside pullover with signage and a fishing pier.

San Patricio is a tributary that runs into the Sabine River..Located in the wooded area, was a “natural hot spring” where people visited to get the water to be used for medicinal purposes.

The park area includes two nice picnic sites with charcoal grill facilities. Across the road is more “wetland” – great for bird watching or fishing!

Unfortunately, this park has not been well maintained and suffers from some vandalism, so it isn’t all it could be, but is still a nice place to visit and fish a little. Some really nice catfish have been brought in from the fishing pier!


Hot Wells / San Patrico Overlook is located on Highway 191 between Mile Markers 47 and 48 (NOTE: Mile Markers are on the northbound side of the highway only) or 0.2 miles north of the junction where Highway 1218 intersects Highway 191. It is on the west side of the highway. GPS: 31.40.903N – 93.43.506W

This park is owned and operated by Sabine River Authority, State of Lousiaiana. For more complete information about SRA-Louisiana facilities call (318) 256-4112 or (800) 259-LAKE

Photos by Frank Dutton – Toledo-Bend.Com